Elliott's Magical Price Christmas and Other Happenings

This year we spent Christmas in Utah. Elliott's little cousin Abby was also there, so my mom got to plan the most adorable week filled with everything magical for children about Christmas. Gifts every day, every Christmas food there is (all homemade of course!) fudge, caramel popcorn balls, caramels/pecan rolls, gingerbread cookies, big Christmas dinner, gingerbread waffles--it was amazing. Elliott just loved Abby and was kissing her the whole time. It was so cute to see them together. He is also obsessed with Grandma and so was literally living in heaven. We went sledding several times, to the play gym twice, to see the temple lights, and Elliott spent lots of time playing with the toy trains! Nate and I also got to go skiing with the adults while my sister took one for the team and stayed with Abby and Elliott. We also had a beautiful photo shoot done while we were there by Stacey Garrett, and we were delighted with how it went!


It was so cute to see Elliott Christmas morning obsessed with all his gifts, and more obsessed with all of Abby's gifts :) 
At the SLC temple lights
Elliott LOVED sledding,
especially with mom because she was extra crazy 
Our little chef ready to make some christmas goodies
Cousin bathtime
Christmas Dinner!
We went to see the train at Golden Spike Historical Monument. 
Making Gingerbread boys
Did I mention, Elliott's obsessed with trains?
Nathan's cookie creations are always the most... creative!
Digging for gold!
Christmas morning! Present Galore! Also,
Hi Mr. Rogers! (Nate's gift to him included this INTERESTING sweater)
Thanks mom, for making us these beautiful stockings!
Mine is 29 years old, Nate's I had half done after a year of marriage, and on Christmas Eve, my mom finished the rest and now she's made one for all the in-laws and she's committed to making one for all her grandkids, too! 
Ski Day
Empanada night!
Grandpa time!
Besides Christmas, we've also had some other adventures. In November, I presented my research at the Society for Neuroscience conference in Washington DC. We got to stop by NYC on the way for a conference of Nate's. Then a couple weeks later I returned to the exact same conference center for a presentation of an entirely different aspect of my research at the American Epilepsy Society conference. It was a lot of work to get prepared for two conferences in a row, especially because the prep didn't overlap much, but it was so rewarding to present my research and learn from others at both conferences. SfN is massive, with 30,000 people and covers every aspect of neuroscience. Everyone who is anyone in neuro was there. AES was totally different since pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and researchers were all there focused in on only one disease, but both were such a great experience!
In NYC at the children's museum
We got to see Elliott's cousins when I was in DC, and he LOVED the attention!

I got to see an old friend in NYC since she watched Elliott one day of my conference!
Back in Boston we had plenty of fun too with several snow days. Now its March and I have some time to write this because we are having yet ANOTHER HUGE SNOW STORM as we speak, probably larger than all the others, so I'm getting done with the snow for the year and we're excited for Spring!
Painting Christmas presents for his grandparents

At the beginning of winter in Boston
Apple Pie for thanksgiving
Since we couldn't go visit family for thanksgiving,
we got to spend it here with these incredible families!


Holiday Cheer buried in his fur
Yummy snowflake nutella dessert I baked
Christmas shopping


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