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A boy and his dog- our new little dood, Zeus

During the Acadia trip from our last post I was anxiously awaiting the email from our dog breeder where I got to choose our puppy, based off of pictures of him as a 4 week old and info about his parents. Nate and I both agreed on our perfect puppy (after not agreeing or having our choice taken before our pick in several previous litters). I was a LITTLE bit excited. Nate was actually being much pickier than me (a delaying tactic) about how he wanted the puppy to look, but eventually we found the perfect blend of color, curliness, and size. When we saw pics of this litter as newborns, we fell in love with them and I knew our boy would be one of them.

We got Zeus, our puppy, four weeks later, in September, on a day that we had already booked a trip to NH for a triathlon, so we just took Zeus with us. It actually ended up being the perfect place for the first few days with a puppy, as he got to hang with another young puppy up there as well. I enjoyed doing the triathlon, and I wasn'…

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