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Choo Choo Elliott Turned Two!

Since Elliott lives and breaths trains (and now "diggers" as well), we had a train-themed birthday party for him. He loved having all his buddies over (who he is finally starting to acknowledge instead of ignoring all of his peers) and he LOVED all the food.   In addition to a little Elliott-centric party, Nate and I also took a night for ourselves when we went to see The Killers in concert, which was what Nate requested for his Christmas gift. It was the biggest concert I'd ever been too and since The Killers are incredible and the light show was also incredible, it was a really awesome experience shared with 1000s of other people in TD Garden. 
Nate's work also recently moved to a new location in Brighton. They leased a space that needed a build-out which Nathan headed up. So he is pretty proud of the result and relieved to finally be moved in. Here are some pictures (Nate says there is still some unpacking that needs to be done).

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