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Cuba, Utah, San Diego, Idaho, and Minnesota in two weeks!

We have spent a lot of the recent month traveling, both together and separately. Nate spent a week in Cuba for work. That sounds pretty cool, so we'll leave that for a separate post.
While he was venturing in foreign lands, Elliott and I went to one of my best friend's weddings in San Diego on a whirlwind trip that involved flying to Utah one day, San Diego the next, back to Utah the next, and back home to Boston the next, whew! But it was so fun and so worth it! I met my friend on my first day of BYU freshman orientation, because we had almost all our classes together and lived across the hall from each other that year (David John 1200, woot-woot!). We ended up rooming together several more years and I am so happy to see her in love with a great guy. What made the event even better was that it was a reunion with our other friends from college as well. It was an epic trip. Since I was a bit terrified of wedding partying while single parenting, I decided that it'd be best …

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